“The Ultimate” GT Gin and Tonic The Botanist Gin conceived, distilled and handcrafted on the island of Islay, this gin is mellow and cool, taste the purity of slow unhurried distillation, paired with Schweppes tonic water and rocks. Salted Caramel Sour Crown Royal Salted Caramel Whisky with sour mix and salted rim. Apple Cinnamon Sangria Red sangria with, green apple puree and cinnamon schnapps. Cran-Apple Mule Tito’s vodka, ginger beer, a splash of cran and green apple puree. Bulleit Smash Bulleit bourbon with muddled oranges, raspberry, a splash of cran and soda water. Blueberry Pom Crush Blueberry vodka, with pomegranate, a splash of cran and soda water. Crownberry Apple Crown Royal Apple with cranberry juice on the rocks. Moscow Mule Tito’s Vodka, and ginger beer with a squeeze of lime. Bacon Bloody Mary Our Bloody Mary made with Bakon Vodka garnished with a celery salt rim and all the fixins’. Cucumber Mary Our Bloody Mary made with our Bloody Mary mix and Pearl Cucumber Vodka, with a celery salt rim and all the fixins’. Skull Candy A little brain therapy - Smirnoff Raspberry vodka, Chambord, a splash of cranberry juice and a splash of sour mix- garnished with rock candy - BONUS. Dark and Stormy The Bermuda Fav - Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer OR try Dark and Skinny made with Gosling Diet Ginger Beer. Rum Swizzle A delicious blend of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Goslings Gold Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice and bitters. Señor Sangria A perfect blend of wine and fresh fruit flavors. Red: for a berry flavor White: for a hint of the tropics. Favorites Prickly Pear Sangria Made with prickly pear purée, white wine, peach and apricot brandy.