Meatball Grilled Cheese Sliced meatballs with pizza cheese and side marina sauce. 6.99 Baby Back Ribs A smaller portion of our famous BBQ ribs with french fries. 8.99 Fish and Chips Fresh haddock lightly breaded and fried served with tartar sauce. 6.99 Grilled Ham and Cheese Sliced ham, cheddar cheese on grilled white bread. 6.99 Chicken Tenders Crispy breaded chicken bites plain or tossed in mild buffalo sauce served with blue cheese or ranch dressing. 6.99 All Kids Meals come with your choice of soda, juice or milk and a kids dessert. Grilled Cheese 6.99 Cheeseburger 6.99 Hamburger 6.99 Kids Steak Tips 7.99 (All the above are served with your choice of side of fries, chips, rice, or apple slices) Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Cheese Quesadilla Macaroni and Cheese Pasta with Sauce $6.99 Coffee ~ Espresso ~ Cappuccino ~ Milk Chocolate Milk ~ Fountain Beverages Juices: Cranberry, Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Apple Kids Meals Bella’s Beverages Fun Mocktails with aTwist No complimentary refills. Prickly Purple Lemonade Pink lemonade with soda water and sweet prickly pear puree. Peach Bellini Lemonade Lemonade with peach and soda water. Very Berry Lemonade Pink lemonade with raspberry and strawberry flavors. Raspberry Limeade Raspberry and lime flavor with lemon-lime soda. Mango Melon Fizz Mango and watermelon flavors with soda water and lemon lime soda. Fizzy Pom Pomegranate, orange juice and soda water. Cucumber Basil Crush Muddled cucumber, basil and soda water. Berry Coconut Cooler Pineapple juice, cream of coconut and raspberry. Beverages